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Selva Tartufi

Black Summer Truffle in Brine

Black Summer Truffle in Brine

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Description: these delicious thin slices, called "Carpaccio", are produced exclusively from fresh seasonal truffles. The internal grain and the maturation guarantee the same sensation you get when tasting fresh truffles. The sterilization treatment, to which the jars are subjected to, changes the colour of the vein in the Carpaccio, generally white in fresh truffles, making it uniform to the colour of the truffle pulp.

Ingredients: summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) 70% Italian origin, corn oil, flavoring, salt. It may contain traces or spores of the genus tuber spp.

Use: in addition to dressing first courses, these truffle slices are a unique and inimitable detail for the decoration of both cold and hot dishes.

Sizes: 80gr - 180gr - 500gr

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